Marble Countertops For Under $200 by Taren Tooten

Marble Countertops For Under $200 by Taren Tooten

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...And check out her tutorial below on how to paint your countertops to look like Marble for under $200!


Marble Countertops For Under $200

In November I decided to give my kitchen a little update. About two years ago my realtor told me about a countertop paint kit she used and loved. When I was ready to update my kitchen I thought about the paint kit again and fell in LOVE with the Giani Marble Countertop Paint Kit, both the outcome and the price.

This paint kit gave my kitchen a total facelift for under $200! Just like that, I had a solution that wasn’t super expensive and gave me the look of brand new countertops. I had a Saturday off and started the process on a Friday night, and by Sunday, I had brand new countertops!



Before my countertops were pretty boring, they were the default cream color from when my condo was built. The paint kit had step by step instructions, as well as a tutorial video that was very helpful and easy to follow. I’ve outlined the process below.

Countertop Kit and Contents

In the images below, I outline the steps from start to finish.


I cleaned the countertops with a Brillo pad and warm cloth. After fully drying the surface, I taped the trim.


At this step, I added two coats of the white base primer to cover the original countertop color.


I LOVED the creativity of this step! It let me put my own touch on the design. The veining process was created with a small brush to paint the vein, then spraying water for the marble look.

After the veining, I applied the epoxy topcoat which gave it the shine and finished look.


I was blown away with the outcome of my countertops! I can’t believe how amazing they turned out and for under $200!! Purchasing granite countertops and labor would have cost me so much more.

My after photos look a little different than the before, since updating my countertops, I swapped out my hardware from gold to brushed nickel, DIY’ed backsplash, and painted! I’m so in love with the updates to my kitchen, and highly recommend the countertop paint kit if you’re considering updating your countertops and looking to save a few bucks.


Author: Taren Tooten

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