3 Reasons “Fast Fashion”  Home Trends Suck

3 Reasons “Fast Fashion” Home Trends Suck

Fast fashion sucks. But you probably already knew that. It’s been widely reported that companies like H&M and Zara are associated with dubious business practices, including subjecting their employees abroad to some pretty grim work conditions; to say nothing of their environmental impacts. But what about fast home fashion? Home design trends change almost yearly, meaning that for a lot of homeowners, keeping up can be a pretty daunting challenge — and fast fashion a potential option. Let’s briefly take a look at three reasons why fast home fashion is a less-than-viable solution to rapidly changing trends.

#1: Cost

On average, a full bathroom remodel costs about $10,000. Most people don’t really have that kind of cash laying around. Even something as simple as replacing bathroom vanities averages about $1500; so if you plan on being up with the trends, you might be looking at quite the bill. Less measurable but just as important is the time and effort investments required to keep your home “up-to-date” by Instagram standards. Why not invite more flexible solutions? Giani Paint Kits (along with other DIY products) make it possible to update counters, cabinets, and even appliances at a fraction of the monetary and time investment. And if you change your mind later? You have the luxury to do so.


#2: Impact

Fast home fashion is not sustainable. There are environment and real-world market consequences to tearing out and replacing everything in your house to stay abreast of current trends. If you’re environmentally conscious, one potential salve might be to investigate the new circular economy model of home design. But just as viable is DIY! Giani Paint Kits give you the option of transforming your current countertops, cabinets, doors, and appliances — negating the need to scrap, replace, or remodel. Not to mention you’re going to be saving an actual boatload if you go this route.


 #3: Hassle

The average kitchen remodel takes between six and twelve weeks. Unless you really dig eating out, cleaning up your contractor’s boot prints, and being subjected to loud noises, we’re comfortable asserting that a Giani Paint Kit (which takes all of a few hours to apply to your cabinets, countertops, or appliances) is a vastly more manageable prospect; both in time and cost. And if you’re not a born DIYer? Fear not. Giani Kits are about as easy-to-use as any product on the market; our Amazon reviews say as much.


In summary: if you’re not made of money, unconcerned for the fate of the environment, unflappable in the face of remodeling hell, or have your heart really set on getting your HGTV on, then check out our DIY Paint Kits and make your life a little easier!