The Ultimate Guide to Apartment Makeovers

The Ultimate Guide to Apartment Makeovers

Apartments aren’t very easy to design due to their limited size and remodeling options. But that shouldn’t stop you from making some changes to make it feel like home. In this article, we’ll be listing five crucial tips that you’ll need for your apartment makeover. Happy decorating!

1. Coordinate Colors


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Colors and tones are important in setting the mood of your apartment. We recommend choosing lighter shades, as they tend to make spaces seem bigger, then throwing in a couple of darker accent colors for variety. Walls are usually best painted with light colors, while the darker tones can go on the furniture. If you’re thinking of painting your cabinets and countertops as well, it’s important to choose your paint carefully. Note its undertone, how it looks under different kinds of light, as well as the colors it will be paired with. For example, a bright teal dresser might look cute on its own, but it doesn’t pair well against a light orange wall.

2. Invest in multi-purpose furniture

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In smaller living spaces, every inch counts. You can free up some floor space by buying furniture pieces that have two or three different uses! Ottomans that double as storage bins are a great choice. Beds that can be folded into sofas can be pretty handy for particularly tiny spaces as well. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to check its size to ensure that it’ll fit in your apartment. Furniture that’s too big will only make your space look cramped! 

3. Get creative with decor pieces

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Spruce up your living space with some decor. Artworks, knick-knacks, fancy wall fixtures — anything you want! Paintings are an easy choice, as they can easily brighten up an empty wall. Choosing the right artwork can be tricky, but it all boils down to the space you have to work with and your personal taste. You should also take into account what the room you’re designing is used for. For instance, bedrooms should be decorated with calming artworks since they're a place to rest. For your office or workspace, choose art pieces that motivate or inspire you.

4. Consider hiring an interior designer

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Planning your project can be really exciting, but sometimes all the budgeting and conceptualizing can get a little overwhelming. That’s why you might want to consider hiring a professional to help you out. Your best bet would be interior decorators and designers. They can bring a trained eye and a professional touch into the process, helping make sure that your makeover is a success. That said, know that there’s a lot that goes into starting an interior decorating business, which means that you’ll need to do your research and look into your prospective designer. Certifications with the National Council for Interior Design Qualification are always good to see, and it’s important to ask about their experience and rates. This way, you’ll know if they’re the right person for the job. Of course, this is entirely optional. You can always go the full DIY route, so that everything is up to you to decide. Just make sure to plan thoroughly and source quality materials!

5. Clean and declutter regularly

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Makeovers might be a one-time thing, but maintenance isn’t. To keep your apartment comfortable and visually pleasing, clean it regularly. Throw out those old receipts and unimportant documents, then sell or give away the furniture you no longer use. It’ll give you more room to navigate and repurpose. Having a decluttered living space also improves your ability to focus. This is because there are fewer stimuli to steal your attention away from the current task. Given that, you might want to start cleaning out your workspace more regularly.

Keep these tips in mind, and your makeover is sure to be a success! If you’re looking for a neat color palette, head on over to our store page for some gorgeous antique-styled paints. They’re sure to breathe life into your apartment. Plus, they’re great pairs for darker accent colors.


Article written by Amanda Porter

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