About Us

Woman and girl baking cookies on Giani Marble countertop

With over five decades of experience in the paint and coatings industry, family owned and operated Giani continues to pave the way for DIY paint home makeovers. The magic isn't just in the paint, it's in the paint kit!


The Paint Kit

It only takes an idea and the will to make it come to life, and anything is possible. That was the initial spark behind Giani Countertop Paint. And, over the past 10 years, that kernel of an idea has grown into intense dedication - dedication to providing the world with practical, budget-friendly DIY paint kits for renovating just about anything in the home.

Our Mission

The Giani mission is “Rescue & Relove." Our DIY kits allow you to rescue your outdated décor with a painted makeover so you can love them again!

Swapping out home decor is a costly venture. Whether it's furniture, workspace surfaces, appliances or floor coverings, following the ever-changing landscape of current trends is difficult to fund. We don't think it should be.

When we started with our granite countertop paints, we knew we had something. However, we quickly realized that there are so many more items in the home that could use a refresh, especially when the budget is tight. Instead of tossing out the old just to make way for the new, we expanded our thoughts and catalog to include paint kits for cabinets, furniture, home accents, appliances and even upholstery.

Our Passion

Our customers' home transformations serve as inspiration and push us into new territories of re-loving home decor with paint. We thrive on the knowledge of how happy our customers are when they discover they can indeed, do-it-themselves. The countless comments, anecdotes, shared images and ideas, followed by the mantra of “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” keep our team working to craft exceptional products.

You don’t have to be an artist, crafty, handy or have tons of experience to achieve stunning results. We know that DIY projects can sometimes be overwhelming and that is why Giani wants to empower and inspire, one paint kit at a time!