Kitchens Are the Soul of the Home, so Inspired Design Is a Must

Kitchens Are the Soul of the Home, so Inspired Design Is a Must

The ideal home means more than perfect location, modern amenities, and updated bathrooms. And transforming a house into a home is a hundred little things, from finding the best floorplan for your needs and deciding on the number of bedrooms to choosing the living room rug and the kitchen tile.

And talking about kitchens, this room receives a lot of attention both from prospective homebuyers and from real estate agents, who know that home descriptions must include many details about the room that’s considered the hub of the home.

The most recent study from Point2 Homes shows just that. After analyzing 1.2 million listings across the U.S. containing 65 million words to see which are the words that agents use the most, the kitchen came on top. “Granite countertops” and “stainless steel appliances” are the first and the third most popular keywords or amenities in home descriptions all over the country.

According to the study, “no matter the price range or the region, the three absolute winners are “granite countertops,” “hardwood floors” and “stainless steel appliances,” signaling buyers’ preference for both practical and beautiful listing details.”

Homebuyers are looking for beautiful, upgraded kitchens no matter the price range. “Updated kitchen,” “new kitchen,” and “custom cabinetry” are some of the keywords that appear in almost all price categories. “Granite countertops” and “stainless steel appliances” or “new appliances” reign supreme, but many homes for sale also boast “quartz countertops” and “large kitchen islands.” According to the study, “an increase in buyers’ expectations, coupled with a generalized upgrade in amenities to meet those expectations” has led to the majority of listing descriptions mentioning these details.

So whether you are a homebuyer, a home seller, or a homeowner just looking to breathe new life into the kitchen and make it stand out, you have a lot of options. But few are as easy to use and as affordable as the paint kits from Giani Granite. Giani’s selection of countertop paints, for example, includes options for granite, quartz, butcher block, and marble styles.

Given that new trends are all about accenting certain elements or bringing into focus a kitchen appliance or item, these paints will make it extremely easy to freshen up your kitchen’s look. As Samantha Johnson, senior editor and communications specialist at Superior Stone & Cabinet stated, “the latest buzz is about using countertop paint to turn an isolated portion of your countertops—such as the counters on an island—into a butcher block while using a granite, quartz, or marble look for the rest of the kitchen. This acts as the countertop equivalent to a painted accent wall, drawing the eye toward a spectacular centerpiece that stands out from the rest.”

Sometimes, even the smallest renovation project, done right, will completely change the look and feel of the room that is considered the soul of the home. A stylish marble countertop, or maybe a new sink or cabinets painted with Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint might just be the easy design improvement your kitchen needs.