How to paint your garage door to look like wood!

How to paint your garage door to look like wood!

Yes, you saw that right; you can paint your garage door to look like wood! With just a few simple steps your garage door looks brand new. Our simple DIY kit makes painting your garage door an easy weekend project that you can complete in less than 4 hours! Don’t just live with your boring, white garage door, transform it to look like a high-end wood door.


Our Giani "Wood Look Kit for Garage Doors" includes all the tools you need to makeover your garage door, from start to finish. It comes with two cans of wood tone base coat, two cans of wood grain finish coat, a Giani paint mitt, 2” brush, two plastic tarps, roller tray, 6” roller arm and one cover, and two stir sticks.

Follow along with our detailed blog post, by watching our full-process how-to video!

One thing you want to take into consideration before starting on this project is the weather. You want to make sure that your garage door isn’t in direct sunlight as this will cause the paint to dry much quicker than it should. This project is a quick one, but you don’t want to rush it, otherwise your paint may crack.

Start with your prep work. Before cleaning, make sure your garage door is in the down position and you detach it from the opener. ***(Don’t detach the door from the up position as it can fall with a dangerous force!)*** Next, remove any hardware/handles that you have on your door. This will make cleaning and painting much easier. If you are unable to remove your handle, simply tape around it to protect it from the paint. Now you want to scrub your garage doors from any loose dirt or mildew with dish soap and water, spray down your door with your hose to remove all soap suds. Before you paint, the door must be dry. So take a clean, lint free cloth and wipe down your door of any water. Let the door air dry if necessary, but be mindful of the area between each panel and on the very bottom edge of the garage where water can easily pool. Now, you are ready to tape. We recommend using the included Shurtape painter's tape in your kit. Tape off the edges around your garage door and the bottom of your garage door to keep it from getting paint on the rubber seal.

Now it's time to paint!

First step is to roll on the wood tone base coat. Find a prop, such as a broom handle or step stool, to keep the door at your desired height while painting. Start with the edges and recessed areas of your door. We include a 2" brush for this step because you may find it easier to get into your door's crevices with the brush, and then use the roller for the flat, raised areas on the door. Once you finish rolling on the base coat on each of the 4 panels of your garage, check for any spots that you might have missed. Take a step back and look at your handiwork! If you notice some variations in the base coat, don't worry, this will add to the wood look. Only go back in with your roller and add more base coat if you see some white spots.

Wait 30 minutes for your base coat to dry before moving onto the wood grain finish coat. For this step you will need your painter's mitt. **Here's a tip: get your mitt slightly damp with water before dipping it in the finish coat. This will help the coat apply more easily.** Start with the recessed areas and then move onto the raised panels around it. Once you cover that area, finish with long strokes to create your wood grain look. If you notice some pooling in the crevices or around the edges, we have found taking the 2" brush over these areas and lightly brushing out will take care of it.

Apply a second coat if you prefer a darker look and it's as easy as that! You now have a gorgeous wood garage door!

To complete your wood look, use the magnetic carriage-style garage door accents! This will give your garage that sleek, expensive look that will make your neighbors jealous and give your house amazing curb appeal!

If English Oak is not the shade for you, check out our other colors! We have 5 kit colors that you can customize to your preference! As you will notice, we applied English Oak in a lighter application, but if you want it darker, simply add another coat. The same can be done with all of our kit colors. You can apply the appropriate number of coats to your preference and to match your house.