Guest Blog with Lisa Hall: 3 Ways Giani Products Transformed My Kitchen

Guest Blog with Lisa Hall: 3 Ways Giani Products Transformed My Kitchen

Greetings fellow DIY-ers! I’m Lisa, a DIY home improvement enthusiast and owner of what probably should have been a “tear down” house. Over the past eight years, I have been going room by room fixing up the house, doing much of the work myself on a very tight budget.

When it came to the kitchen, I was especially overwhelmed as everything I read online listed even a low-end kitchen renovation starting at $15,000 - $20,000. I had no idea how I was going to make the MANY needed improvements. And then I discovered Giani!

In a large part due to Giani products, I was able to update my kitchen for a fraction of the cost and transformed this…

…into this.

And I did it all for under $3,500. Here’s how Giani saved me thousands of dollars on three key areas of the kitchen.

1) Like-New Appliances with Stainless Steel Paint

While all functioning, my kitchen appliances were old and mismatched.  I had a yellow refrigerator, white oven/stove, yellow hood and (somewhat tired looking) stainless steel dishwasher. I was planning on slowly updating the appliances over time, beginning with the refrigerator, and bought a stainless steel fridge at an appliance store. As I was checking out, I mentioned to the sales woman that while all my appliances functioned they were mismatched. She then asked, “Have you heard of stainless steel paint?” No, I hadn’t but was thrilled to learn about it!

I went home and immediately searched for it online, and up popped Giani. Not only did I instantly order the liquid stainless steel paint, I was even more thrilled to discover they also have cabinet and countertop paints.

The Giani stainless steel paint is incredibly easy to apply and has proven very durable over the past three years. I used it on my oven/stove, hood and dishwasher – and now have a full set of matching appliances, for a fraction of the cost!

2) Low-Cost Countertop Transformation

My next project was to tackle the countertops. I knew that getting new countertops would be prohibitively expensive and was so relieved to learn about Giani’s faux granite countertop paint!

While my old white laminate countertops looked dreadfully outdated, they were in good condition and a paint job gave them new life. Once I got a hang of the sponging technique used to make the “granite look,” it was fun to experiment with the color combinations to get just the right look (add a little more black for a darker look, or pop in more white to brighten it up).

While you may wonder if paint will hold up on a high-use area like I countertop, rest assured mine certainly has. Over the past three years, I’ve only had to do a couple touch ups on the countertop edges, which is quick and easy to do.

3) Refreshed New Look for Old Cabinets

Another big ticket item that can hurt the wallet is new cabinets. My cabinet boxes were in good condition but the doors were not the style I wanted in my new kitchen. So I replaced the doors and hardware, and painted the cabinets with Giani NUVO cabinet paint. I have been very happy with the quality of the paint. It hasn’t chipped or peeled.  And even though the paint is white - dirt, stains and marks are easily removed to keep them looking like new.

Appliances, countertops and cabinets tend to be the most expensive elements to update in a kitchen and Giani products saved me thousands of dollars! I passionately believe that everyone can have a home they love, no matter what your budget. And products such as Giani can help you transform your space from “ugh” to “love” without breaking the bank.

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