Get the Look for Less: Two-Tone Modern

Get the Look for Less: Two-Tone Modern

Get the Look for Less: Two-Tone Modern

We're loving this two-tone designer kitchen! We hope it inspires you just as much as it does for us! We're especially digging the high contrast between the upper and lower cabinets paired with a light and warm colored countertop.¬†ūüĎĆ

Recreate the Look:

To recreate this look, try these shades: 

  • For ultra white upper¬†cabinets with a satin finish, use¬†Nuvo - Titanium Infusion,¬†part of our¬†Modern Collection.¬†
  • For ultra black lower cabinets with a satin finish, use Nuvo - Black Deco, part of our Modern Collection.¬†
  • For white and black cabinets with a matte finish, use Chalkworthy!¬†


     Light Tan Granite: Use the Sicilian Sand kit.

    You can mimic this softer, lighter granite, by dry sponging and building up layers. You can make it as light as you'd like depending on how much of the White Limestone mineral color you use. Be sure to cover up the majority or all of the black Primer underneath as you're sponging on your minerals. After you finish each 2x2 foot section of mineral sponging, immediately go back in with a 'dry sponge' to soften and blend your minerals. 


    Hardware + Accessories

    Finish off your makeover with a black pulls and knobs. Pair with eclectic items, such as a black deer head, and white and rose gold dishware. Complete the look with a herringbone tile or wallpapered backsplash.

    Check out our website for all the color and design possibilities! If you’d like a swatch of any of our paint products, click on the image below to fill out a swatch request. Or contact us here.