Get the Look for Less: Southwest Modern

Get the Look for Less: Southwest Modern

Get the Look for Less: Southwest Modern

This Southwest style kitchen is to die for! 😍🌵✨ We're loving blogger Bigger Than the Three of Us' gorgeous kitchen makeover. The dark, yet soft black cabinets gives the space some contrast without overpowering the warm neutrals. It's cozy and modern! Check out her blog for more details. 

Recreate the Look:

To recreate this dramatic modern look, try these shades: 

  • For black cabinets with a satin finish, use Nuvo - Black Deco, part of our Modern Collection. 
  • For soft black cabinets with a matte finish (like in this kitchen), use Chalkworthy - Cast Iron

Tan/Brown Granite or Marble: Use the Sicilian Sand kit.  

Recreate the stunning warm granite/marble look by using our Sicilian Sand Kit. You can mimic this application by sponging on your minerals diagonally across the surface and use an artist brush to create diagonal granite lines. 

TIP: For a warmer application and additional contrast, add some Chocolate Brown and minimal accents of Bronze. Don't be afraid to build up layers! If you feel some areas have too much contrast, but you like the colors, try some 'dry sponging' to soften the look and blend the minerals together. 

Although this video features the White Diamond kit, you would perform a similar application with the Sicilian Sand (and additional minerals) if you would prefer a marble look. 

Hardware + Accessories

Finish off your makeover with gold hardware. Pair with gold sconces and light fixtures, botanical accents, leather fabrics, and light wood textures. 

If you have outdated appliances, try our Liquid Stainless Steel Appliance Paint for a brushed-on stainless steel look. Check out our gallery for inspiration. 

Check out our website for all the color and design possibilities! If you’d like a swatch of any of our paint products, click on the image below to fill out a swatch request. Or contact us here