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Transform Your Garage Door

What is Giani Wood Look?

The Giani Wood Look Paint Kit is a simple, two-step application that will transform smooth, embossed, flat or raised panel garage doors in just three hours. Each kit covers 180 square feet of surface, which is the typical size of most two car garage doors.

Each Giani Wood Look Kit Includes:

  • • Two 16 oz. Cans Wood Tone Base Coat

  • • Two 16 oz. Cans Wood Grain Finish Coat
  • • Giani Paint Mitt & Adjustable Wrist Band
  • • 2" Brush
  • • 2 Plastic Tarps
  • • Roll Painter's Tape
  • • 6" Roller Arm and 1 Cover
  • • 2 Stir Sticks
  • • Step-By-Step Instructions

Choose Your Wood Tone

Get Detailed Instructions

Looking for a helping hand?

Check out our one minute demo and full process instructional videos available on our
Videos Page. We take you through the entire application from start to finish.

If you would like a printable guide that walks you through the application, we also have
Detailed Written Instructions available for download.

If you need personalized assistance, we are available to Live Chat Monday-Friday,

Create The Authentic Look

Giani English Oak Wood Look Kit

Giani English Oak Wood Look Kit