Nuvo FAQ

What Is Nuvo?

Nuvo is Giani's satin-finish cabinet paint. Instead of incurring the costly venture of replacing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, breathe new life into them with paint.

How Much Does Nuvo Cover?

Any of our Nuvo cabinet paint kits will cover 100 square feet of cabinets, in two coats.

What Surfaces Will Nuvo Cover?

Nuvo Will Cover:

  • Bare and Painted Wood (Please see note below)
  • Bare and Painted Metal
  • Varnish Finish
  • Laminate
  • Melamine
  • Vinyl

**Note: While our paint does have a primer in it, for raw woods such as plywood and cabinets that have not been sealed but instead exposing wood grains and knots, we recommend sealing the wood with a good wood primer such as Zinsser Bull’s Eye 1-2-3 or something similar. Otherwise, the tannins in the wood might bleed through the paint.**

What Prep Is Required?

Thoroughly sand all of your cabinet surfaces, whether it be wood, laminate, vinyl, or a painted surface. You do not have to remove your existing finish, just sand with a #300 grit sandpaper until all of your surfaces are deglossed. If you have wood cabinets then follow your wood’s grain with your sanding motions and avoid sanding in a circular fashion. If you have an electric palm sander then follow your woods grain as well.

Be sure to sand extra well around your door handles and stove because of the potential oils and dirt located in these areas.

For applications on an existing high gloss finish, it is optimal to apply a liquid deglosser to your finish first and then use the #300 grit sandpaper to lightly scuff up the surface.

When you are done sanding, wipe up all of the sanding dust with a standard window cleaner since the alcohol and ammonia won’t leave a residue. Clean well with Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP cleaner or a degreaser) around the handles and places where you often touch the wood, as the oils from our hands get onto the surface and will keep the paint from adhering. Pay extra attention to the area above and around the stove where oil and grease accumulates. You may need to clean a few times depending on how much the grease has settled. After cleaning, wipe up with water or Windex® to remove any TSP or degreaser residue. This may need to be done a few times.

**Note: Cracking may occur if you do not clean your cabinets well enough.**

Do I Need To Prime?

Our paint is uniquely designed as a paint and primer in one. So there is no need to prime.

**Note, that while our paint does have a primer in it, for raw woods such as plywood and bare wood cabinets, the wood grain may cause tannins to bleed through the finished paint and must first be covered with a good primer of your choosing, specifically designed to prime wood surfaces.**

How Much Time Do I Need?

Project Times:

  • Dry Time: Wait 2 hours in between coats of Nuvo. After final coat, leave cabinet doors open for 8 hours before closing.
  • Using Your Kitchen Again: You may use your kitchen in just a few hours after you apply your final coat and close the cabinet doors. We simply recommend you exercise caution around your new finish.
  • Cure Time: The cure time of Nuvo is 14 days depending on your climate. For the first couple weeks do not aggressively clean or be rough with your cabinets as the coating’s durability and adhesion builds with each day.
What Tools Do I Need?

We recommend painting with the included roller and paint brush for tight corners. Once dry, the paint is very smooth and has a “sprayed-on” effect.

Some Additional Tools You May Want:

  • #300 Grit Sandpaper
  • Screw Driver
  • Frog Painter’s Tape
  • Paint Roller Tray
  • Wood Filler
  • Liquid De-Glosser
  • Small Tipped Artist Brush
  • Degreaser or TSP Cleaner
Can I Spray Nuvo?

Nuvo Cabinet Paint may be spray applied as long as it's with professional equipment such as conventional, airless, air assisted airless, air brush, or an HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray system, along with the proper tips and gun nozzles. It's not necessary to dilute Nuvo with added water for a spray application. As a disclaimer, we do not recommend using an HVLP sprayer indoors.

Can I Add A Topcoat?

Yes, you may add a topcoat or a glaze over your painted cabinets. However, as we have not done extensive testing, adding either at your choosing will void your warranty. Please try at your own risk.

How Do I Care For My Cabinets?

We recommend waiting a minimum of 7 days before cleaning your cabinets. The full cure time is 14 days. Clean by wiping your cabinets with soap and water. We do not recommend any harsh abrasives or chemicals, such as household cleaners as this will wear down the paint over time. The paint is water-based, so aggressive scrubbing or moisture sitting on it for long periods of time can put it in a weakened state.

Does Nuvo Expire?

When stored properly, Nuvo has a recommended shelf life of 2 years. The best storage is in a cool, dry area, away fro extreme hot and cold temperatures. Applying Nuvo past the recommended shelf life may negatively affect it’s performance, and thus, would not be covered by our limited warranty.

What If My Paint Appears Clumpy Or Frozen?

During the winter months, paint is at risk for freezing due to the cold temperatures it may be exposed to during warehouse storage and delivery. Frozen paint can sometimes be tricky to determine initially because your cans won’t feel cold to the touch— however, the paint will exhibit a grainy/slushy texture. But not to worry, the paint will completely recover! We recommend allowing your paint to recover at room temperature for one week before applying. DO NOT apply the paint if it appears clumpy or frozen.