Giani Wood Look FAQ

What Is Giani Wood Look Paint?

Giani Wood Look is a simple and affordable way to upgrade your home's curb appeal. Wood Look allows you to transform your existing garage door, exterior and even interior doors from cold, plain white and simple solids to the warm, natural tones of 5 varieties of wood.

What Surfaces Can I Use It On?
  • Painted Wood
  • Painted Steel
  • Painted Aluminum
  • Other Painted Metals
  • *Vinyl
  • Doors with Smooth Surfaces
  • Doors with Textured Surfaces
  • Flat Panel Doors
  • Raised Panel Doors

**Vinyl surfaces must first be primed with a water-based primer that will adhere to vinyl. Please note, trim around garage door windows is typically made of vinyl and would need to be primed first.

What Surfaces Cannot Accept Giani Wood Look?
  • Unpainted Steel
  • Unpainted Aluminum
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Flat Surfaces with No Panels
Are There Application Restrictions?

Apply Wood Look paint between 50° - 85° F and start your project at least three hours before any direct sun will contact your door because direct sunlight will cause the Wood Look paint to dry too quickly during application. Or, you can apply Wood Look one hour after any direct sunlight has gone past your door to allow time for your door to cool down.

Likewise, allow at least one hour for your door to warm up if it is cold to the touch, even if ambient temperatures are in range. Garage doors and exterior entryways tend to retain extreme temperatures, and a door that is too cool can cause the paint to congeal prematurely.

Make sure rain is not in the forecast for a minimum of 4 hours. Leave your door slightly cracked open during application and dry time to prevent your door from sticking. Place a tarp down, extending from the outside to the inside of your home, to prevent any accidental spills.

How Much Does It Cover?
  • *Wood Look for Garage Doors: Covers 180 square feet (the surface area of a typical two-car garage door)
  • Wood Look for Front Doors: Covers 45 square feet (one side of a typical front door and sidelights, or single interior door)

**For black or dark colored garage doors, the contents of a single kit may not cover the entire surface area. We recommend purchasing an additional 16 oz. can of Tone Base coat and a 16 oz. can of Grain Finish coat. Individual cans are available here. You may return unopened, unused product.**

What Prep Is Required?


Scrub your door with a stiff bristle brush and a mixture of dish soap and warm water. Remove all dirt and mildew. Rinse well with water from a garden hose or bucket. Dry your door with a lint free cloth and make sure you wipe between the door panels and edges where water pools.


Sand ONLY for the following conditions: Shiny/glossy surfaces-use a #300 grit sandpaper to lightly de-gloss the surface. Rust spots-sand the area with a #300 grit sandpaper until the area is smooth. Apply a rust blocking primer over the rust spots. Allow to dry fully before continuing.


If it is easy and possible, remove your garage door’s handle. If you can’t easily remove the hardware, then cover up with painter’s tape


Apply two to three rows of the Shurtape® painter’s tape to protect the outside sides of your garage door frame, windows or window inserts, the trim/ seal which is located at the bottom of your door, and any other areas you don’t want painted.

How Long Does It Take To Apply?
  • Wood Look for Garage Doors: Your project time should take approximately 3 hours from start to finish.
  • Wood Look for Front Doors: Your project time should take approximately 4 hours from start to finish.
Does It Have To Be Finished In The Same Day?

Your Wood Look application does NOT have to be completed in a single day. You may apply the Wood Tone Base Coat and the Wood Grain Coat on separate days as long as the surface (the garage or front door) is not hot or cold to the touch.

If either is the case, allow at least one hour allow for your door to cool down or warm up. Even if ambient temperatures are in range, a door that is too hot or cold can adversely affect the dry time of the Grain Coat.

When Can I Use My Door Again?

You may use your door immediately after completing your final Finish Coat. Avoid scrubbing and washing your door for at least 14 days to give the paint time to fully cure.

What Can I Use to Clean My Door?

Only clean your door with a soft bristle brush using a mixture of dish soap and water. Do NOT clean with any harsh chemical or natural cleaners.