Are You Ready for Spring Cleaning?

Are You Ready for Spring Cleaning?

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year! Do you find yourself not knowing where to begin when it’s time to Spring Clean your home? You're not alone. A lot of people never begin because they don’t know where to start.

To keep from getting bored or overwhelmed, try tackling a few quick projects each day to keep you motivated.

First:  Grab a few boxes and label them: (See below)

Labeled Boxes

Anything you want to donate or consign goes into this box. If the items will not fit in a box, just keep a running list.

While decluttering and cleaning, you will most likely come across items that need mending or repaired. Place these items in this box until you’re ready to work on them.

Put Away
If you’re cleaning out a drawer in your kitchen and you find a pair of earrings in it, do not stop decluttering that drawer to go put your earrings away. Resist the urge! Continue working on the drawer and put the earrings in your "Put Away" box. Once you are finished with the drawer, take that box and return everything in it to it's rightful storage place.

Second: Start your 20 days of Spring Cleaning:

Day 1: Put Away Seasonal Items/Decor

Day 2: Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet

Day 3: Toss Out Old Papers, Magazines, and Newspapers

Day 4: Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

Day 5: Update Kitchen or Bathroom Counters with Giani Countertop Paint.

Giani Countertop Paint

Day 6: Clean Your Windows

Day 7: Clean Appliances Inside and Out

Day 8: Organize and Declutter Your Basement

Day 9: Vacuum Under Furniture

Day 10: Clean Your Fireplace/Chimney Sweep

Day 11 Wipe Down/Paint the Walls For a Fresh Look

Day 12: Sell or Donate Unwanted Items

Day 13: Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Day 14: Change Batteries in Smoke Detectors

Day 15: Dust Baseboards/Light Fixtures/Ceiling Fans

Day 16: Clean Air Vents

Day 17: Replace Light Bulbs

Day 18: Paint Old Furniture with Chalkworthy Paint or Nuvo Cabinet Paint

Day 19: Power Wash Your House

Day 20: Restore Your Front Door or Garage Door with Giani Wood Look Paint.