Smooth & Modern Look with Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint!

Smooth & Modern Look with Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint!

We believe painting is good for the soul. Get your hands dirty. Get inspired! Let out your creativity!

With Chalkworthy, you are not limited to just one style or color.  You can get that distressed vintage look a smooth & modern look-- just paint, finish, and style to your preference!  And for an even more unique transformation, try creating your own Chalkworthy Mixes!


 To showcase how to achieve a smooth & modern finish, we transformed this plain unfinished dresser into a midcentury-inspired record player storage!  


Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint Ikea Hack

BAM!  Now this piece has some personality!


To recreate this look, here's what you'll need:

  • Good Quality Painter’s Tape (Masking Tape will not do.)
  • Good Quality Flat Brush
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Lint Free Cloth or Old T-shirt
  • Box Cutter
  • Credit Card
  • Five 4oz. Chalkworthy Color Choices (we used Cottage & Hayride as well as some custom pre-mixed colors we named: Lady Fleur, Burgundy Lace, & Sleepy Harbor.  To find the exact formulas for these mixes, watch our how-to mixing video.)
  • Your choice of furniture to paint!  (we used this dresser)


Follow along with our video for project instructions or read below for detailed written instructions.



  • First, give your piece a light wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any loose dust. You can use a lint free cloth or an old t-shirt. Since this piece is unfinished, there is no need to prime or sand. Note: Sanding may be necessary if a piece has very rough and patchy areas, but because our paint has such thick coverage, priming is rarely needed.
  • Next, comes measuring. This part is essential to get those crisp, clean lines necessary for a modern graphic design. We chose to create v-shaped stripes on our drawers. Each stripe will be 3 inches wide.
  • Start by measuring to the center of the dresser, and decide how low you’d like the V to go. Then measure 3 inches away from your first line. Follow this process till you have covered all the drawers.
  • Now that I have guidelines in place, we used strong painter’s tape so that the paint does not bleed through the wood. DO NOT try this with masking tape!! We taped off every other stripe.
  • To ensure your angles match up perfectly, tape over the drawers first. Once completed, then you can cut along the edges.
  • Now, you can take out each drawer and paint without any worry of drips. Double check that your tape edges are sealed. We recommend using a credit card to help smooth out any air bubbles.
  • To get that Smooth & Modern look, use a high quality flat brush and dilute your paint with a little bit of water. This combination will minimize any brush strokes and give you that even finish.



Finally, it’s time to paint!

  • Normally, you should paint with the wood grain, but because of our design, we chose to paint in the direction of the angles. This will allow for longer and smoother brush strokes.
  • Apply 2 diluted coats for full coverage, and then carefully pull the tape off, while the second coat is still wet, to get a clean edge. Follow this process for each color allowing the first set of colors to dry fully (around 2-4 hours) before taping over them for the second set of colors.
  • Lightly sand between colors for a seamless transition and wipe away any dust.
  • Finally, seal with our clear wax. We recommend waxing each color individually, starting with the lightest color, so that if you experience any color run off, you can easily wipe it off your brush, and it won’t affect the other colors.

Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint dresser makeover


Once your wax has dried for a couple hours, find the perfect place in your home to display your piece and ENJOY!


Even though this dresser is traditionally designed to hold clothes, we are using it as record player storage in a cozy music nook.  It is the perfect statement piece for the space! 

Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint dresser makeover with custom colors


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How to paint a dresser with Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint

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