Personalize your wedding day with paint!

Personalize your wedding day with paint!


Have you ever attended a wedding that was extravagant, with tasty food and fun jams, but lacked any personal touches or unique details? As in, a cookie-cutter wedding that could have belonged to anyone? Imagine a wedding like the format of a film—if you have no character development or a standard script, the audience will have a difficult time attaching to the deeper meaning. If you and your fiancé love to travel together, for instance, you could hand paint a globe to have guests sign instead of a traditional guestbook. By adding those specific touches that represent you and your partner’s unique personalities, a wedding becomes more than just a basic ceremony. It elevates into a long-lasting honest experience that will be forever imprinted on the hearts of you and your loved ones.


When you’re buried deep into wedding planning, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to begin. Everything starts to move so quickly that you may forget to pause and enjoy the process. Remember to stay excited by choosing little details that make you happy! Of course this may be easier said than done…


To help get your wheels turning, we carefully selected an example theme for each month of the year and paired with the perfect paint for personalizing your wedding day!  (All photo sources are located at the end of the post)



Create a stout, vintage New Year wedding by adding dark velvety grays. Chalkworthy’s “CastIron” paint sets the mood for cultivated refinement and compliments January’s pale pallets of glistening snow and the yellow glows of candle light.



Adorn your wedding’s accent tables with candles and greenery, but allow your feature pieces to speak volumes by applying the color “Thistle” from Chalkworthy Paint. This deliciously stimulating paint color will tie in all of your unique Bohemian personality. February represents the close of winter and the anticipation of warmth, so give your color palette some rejuvenation.



Imagine an old door gleaming with twinkle lights while pastel flowers fall whimsically through the air. Chalkworthy’s “DustyMiller” paint is an excellent DIY helper if you want to whisper an atmosphere of uncharted excitement. This soft blue matte color will pair perfectly with the warmer tones of the outdoors or rustic architecture surrounding your dreamy March wedding adventure.



With the vibrancy of floral colors popping up all around you, a soft accent that ties the splashes of spring together is key.  The “MountainAsh” paint color by Chalkworthy is a light grey with a subtle hint of violet, complimenting muted greens and warmer peaches. April is the ideal month for welcoming guests with tranquil palettes and perfectly ethereal DIY wedding decor.



If you want a lot of white for your wedding but need a hip accent color, “Cottage” by Chalkworthy will be there to assist! The pale blue-greens of “Cottage” pair excellently with newer decor trends such as copper, marble, and the greens of succulents. Creating a high-end look with paint, allows you to add a personalized edge to your wedding decor without the limitations of price or basic market selections.



Summer weddings are so much fun to plan when you have the right color scheme. You can’t go wrong with “PaleAster” from Chalkworthy. This color is just begging to be in on the action and will have your guests wearing smiles as soon as they walk in.



Create an easy-breezy ambience for your July wedding by pairing oceanic blue accents with sheer whites and wood textures.   Whether at the beach or in the mountains, details painted with “BlueBird” will add the perfect touch of casual edge to your intimate outdoor celebration.



Get your modern wedding on with “WhiteLinen” paint by Chalkworthy. The mix of bright white with sharp geometric décor can embody a new-age sophistication. Find outdated craft scraps and cut out some angular backdrops! Then, grab a paint brush and make your August wedding truly yours by getting that high class look the DIY way!



If you are looking to match your September wedding with a complimentary theme, look no further! “MockingBird” by Chalkworthy, pairs perfectly with sweet blushes and soft neutrals juxtaposed the concrete, metals, and woods of an industrial setting.



October weddings are begging for fun originality and painting your décor is the quickest way to get started! Chalkworthy made it simple with it’s warm autumn color appropriately named- Hayride! Use “Hayride” to add handmade, down-to-earth, happiness as a reflection of who you are!



Imagine a timeworn cabin filled with all things cozy and quaint. Chalkworthy’s “FarmHouse” antiquing paint replicates the patinas found within aged décor and treasured antiquities. Keep your November wedding's ambience cohesive by personalizing the details to get that perfect rustic, Bohemian feel you have been looking for!



Create a gothic fairytale inspired December wedding by adorning your tables with rich moody décor, rustic wood textures, and lots of candles. Craft elegant one-of-a-kind table numbers by painting ornate antiqued frames with Chalkworthy’s “Thistle” and seal with Black Soft Wax for a subtle distressed finish. This seductive color choice sets the tone of lux indulgence amidst the bleak backdrop of winter.


Remember to stay true to your unique style and let your personality shine through every detail, and you will be sure to create a picture-perfect day filled with long-lasting memories for you and your guests.  How will you leave your fingerprint on your special day?


As a bonus, we also want to share a tutorial of our most recent Chalkworthy project which is PERFECT for personalizing your special day!   A DIY Paint-Dyed Wedding Banner.



DIY paint-dyed hanging wedding banner + upcycled sewing table painted with Chalkworthy's "CastIron" and revamped plastic pumpkins painted with Chalkworthy's "WhiteLinen"


Did you know you can dye fabric with paint?!  We used Chalkworthy's "CastIron" & water to mix our own custom fabric dye.


To create our DIY paint-dyed banner, we used a wax resist form of fabric dying, known as batiking.  To make a batik, selected areas of the cloth are blocked out by brushing hot wax over them, and the cloth is then dyed. The areas covered in wax resist the dye and remain the original color-  creating an artful tapestry for your wall!


To make your own Paint-Dyed Banner, here's what you will need:

  • Drop cloth or heavy cotton canvas
  • Beeswax or Paraffin wax
  • An old pot, crock pot, or double boiler
  • Chalkworthy Paint & water
  • Plastic bucket or container
  • Craft paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Gloves
  • Old or cheap paintbrushes


To begin, you will first need to cut your fabric to the desired size.  You may elect to create a stencil first in craft paper, in order to test out sizing, and then trace around the stencil on to the fabric.  After your fabric has been cut to size, lightly sketch out your design with a pencil.  We went with a romantic flower wreath surrounding a couple's initials for our design.  We love that with our personalized initials design, the banner can be displayed at the happy couple's wedding, and then can hang in their home for years to come!



Close-up of painting with wax


Next, heat up your wax in an old crock pot or an old pot/double boiler on the stove. Heat the wax to roughly 170’F (80’C).  You want the wax to be liquid enough to easily paint with so it absorbs into the fabric, but not too hot that it could hit the flash point.   Use an old paint brush to trace over your sketch with the wax- using the same technique as you would with paint.  We recommend placing some cardboard or craft paper underneath your banner fabric in case of potential bleed through.   It is important to remember that you are applying the wax in the areas where you do NOT want the dye to go.  Allow the wax to harden.



To create your Chalkworthy paint dye, add approx. 1 tablespoon of paint per liter of warm water and stir until the paint is evenly diluted and dispersed.  You can control how strong the color comes through by adjusting this ratio.  Feel free to use test strips of fabric first to achieve your desired color.  Note that the dyed fabric will be a faded shade of the paint color you choose.  Submerge your fabric into the dye and agitate until the dye has evenly soaked into the thread.  Do not leave your fabric to soak for an extended period of time (5-10 mins should be enough to evenly coat and dye).   Remove from the dye mix and hang to air dry-  you may elect to lightly rinse some of the dye off with water to fade the color more (we rinsed ours to create a worn look).   To remove the wax, place a towel on the underside and the top of your fabric and use an iron to heat up the wax so it can be lifted and absorb into the towel.  Be sure to move to a clean area of the towel as you go, in order to cleanly absorb all the wax.

Now your banner is ready to be displayed!



We chose to attach our banner to a wooden dowel and tied natural twine to the ends to hang-- we loved the natural look of the unfinished edges so we kept them raw.  But you can chose to display your banner however you wish!  The design & display options for these cute little banners are infinite-- our brains are already swirling with ideas of what we can dye next.

Don't forget to Pin it, and try it out when you are ready!


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