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Get the Look for Less: Elegant in Cream

Get the Look for Less: Elegant in Cream

Get the Look for Less: Elegant in Cream 

This week's inspirational kitchen is to die for! 😍 The light, creamy beige cabinets make the space feel cozy and bright. And, who doesn't like that?!

Beige cabinets are classic so you can't go wrong, but by pairing the beige cabinets with a light grey granite, this space feels modern and more sophisticated than your average traditional cream kitchen. 

Recreate the Look:

To recreate this look, try these shades: 

  • For light, creamy beige cabinets with a satin finish, use Nuvo - Coconut Espresso, part of our Rustic Collection. **Please note, this color can lean more off white or more beige depending on your kitchen's lighting or colors.**
  • For accent furniture with a black matte finish, use Chalkworthy - Cast Iron. 

 Light Grey Granite: Use the Slate kit. 

This application is all about building up those layers (check out the scale below)! You can make your granite look as bright or dark gray as you'd like depending on how much of the White Limestone mineral color you use. Since this is a lighter gray, we recommend adding a can or two of the White Limestone mineral to your kit. You can also choose whether or not to add the Inca Gold mineral color to your application, which would bring in some warmth and tie in with the warmer undertones of the Coconut Espresso.

TIP: Add a little Inca Gold at a time as it is always easier to add more than to take away. 

Hardware + Accessories

Finish off your makeover with chrome and/or glass hardware. Pair with traditional light fixtures and neutral, global styled rugs, and contrasting furniture. 

Check out our website for all the color and design possibilities! If you’d like a swatch of any of our paint products, click on the image below to fill out a swatch request. Or contact us here. 


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