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DIY Modern 'Marble' Desk Makeover

DIY Modern 'Marble' Desk Makeover


Dreaming of marble, but it isn’t in the budget? Paint your own!  Transform any desktop, worktop, vanity, or countertop into a custom marble-like finish using Giani Countertop Paint kits!

We revamped this seriously outdated desktop into high-end looking ‘marble’ using Giani’s White Diamond Kit.


DIY desk makeover faux marble



Supplies for DIY Faux Marble Desk Makeover

  • Giani White Diamond Kit (includes: primer, 3 mineral colors, topcoat, applicators)
  • Fine point artist brushes
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Cup of water
  • Paper towels and paper plates
  • Painters tape
  • Paint tray



Prep your surface and tape/protect what you don’t want painted.  (For guided instructions on prep and the full Giani process, check out the detailed Giani granite instructional video.)

Prime using the Giani Iron Core primer and let dry for 8 hours.

Depending on the finish you want, begin to sponge or roll on your Giani mineral colors.


>>There are 2 methods to creating a marble look<<


The first marble method, is the traditional sponging technique- as shown in the following kitchen.  

Giani White Diamond sponging marble application


For guided instructions on how to create this look, check out the  1 minute White Diamond demo & the Detailed White Diamond kit how-to video:







The second marble method is to add water to your Giani™ minerals and build up layers-  this creates natural flows and styles, and is a more advanced technique.  


Giani White Diamond example of experimental water technique


For guided instructions of the experimental water technique, check out the Giani Granite with Water detailed how-to video:





For our desk makeover, we used the water marble technique to create a high-end looking marble finish.  First, we rolled on a thin layer of White Limestone over the dried primer to help lighten the base, before applying the water layers.


DIY Faux Marble Desk Makeover. Rolling on first layer.


Then, We sponged on more White Limestone in diagonal flows to begin to build up the layers.


Giani White Diamond application process


After sponging the base, we experimented with the Giani+water layers using the Pearl MicaWhite Diamond, and Charcoal mineral colors.  We built up at least 5 layers using the water techniques shown in our Marble Video-- spraying on water and pouring on the paint, and then spraying the water again to create flows.  Additionally, we painted on veins using a thin artist brush.  Be sure to allow your final layer of Giani+water to dry for at least 8 hours before sealing with the topcoat.


Then, step back and enjoy your handywork!  Pretty amazing what a little paint can do to transform a space.


DIY Faux Marble Desk Makeover using Giani White Diamond kit


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