DIY 'Marble' Finish - Side Table Makeover

DIY 'Marble' Finish - Side Table Makeover

If you are loving the current marble trend, but the real deal isn't in the budget-- Paint your own!  This DIY marble finish technique is super easy and looks just like real stone!


We are now fighting the urge to marbleize everything in close proximity.


In our studio, there was a sad side table screaming for a makeover.  It was covered in dust and random test swatches of paint, but had a lot of potential!  We decided to revamp the piece into a high-end looking ‘marble’ tabletop with modern color-blocked legs. 

BAM!  Amazing what a little paint can do!


For this project we used:



First we lightly sanded the top (to smooth out the dried paint texture) and then gave it a good cleaning.


Then, we primed with the Giani™ IronCore primer.  It was so satisfying rolling right over those crazy colored test swatches. Just one coat for full coverage!


While the primer was drying, we taped off the legs and painted one coat of CastIron over most of the leg, a 2in strip of WhiteLinen, and left the bottom 6in as bare wood.


Once the primer and legs were dry, we started the Marblelizing process!


Watch the video below to learn how to create the Marble look using Giani™ White Diamond Kit & water:




Once the topcoat has dried for 3 days, you can style with your pretty decor and enjoy!


You can also use this same technique to paint Desks!


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