DIY Handpainted Southwest Cacti Pots

DIY Handpainted Southwest Cacti Pots

Such a fun and easy weekend DIY! 

Perfect for sprucing up your porch or windowsill this summer. 


We found a few 97 cent planters that were in great shape, but were just a little too country for our taste.  Chalkworthy to the rescue!  Taking inspiration from the cacti, we hand painted southwestern style prints on the planters to give them a bold new look.  Why settle for drab planters, when you can easily personalize them to perfectly match your style & decor!

•   Clay or Terra Cotta Planters
•   Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint
•    Paint brushes (larger flat brush for the base coat and fine tip artist brushes for details)
•   Cup of water
•   Pencil, paper, & scissors (if you elect to make your own stencil)




•   Make sure your pots are clean and dry.  Then, you are ready for the basecoat!  Chalkworthy requires no primer and provides full coverage in 1-2 coats,  which helps to save time so you can enjoy your projects sooner.  We used a 2” flat brush to paint on the basecoat, and brushed vertically.  Remember to paint a little in the interior lip, as this may show after your plant has been added to the planter.


•   Once the base coat has completely dried, it is time to paint your design.  Woohoo, the fun part!  This is where you can let your creativity shine.   To create a detailed print/pattern, you can create a custom stencil on paper to cut out and trace on your pot (which is what we did),  or  simply freehand drawing/painting on the designs.   We recommend using fine tip artist brushes to paint on the designs and to dip your bristles in water , when necessary, to help the paint flow.


•   After southwest designs are completed and the paint has dried, just place your favorite plant in the pot and ENJOY! :)

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