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DIY Easter Egg Wreath

DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Thank you One Crazy Mom for this wonderful Easter Egg Wreath idea!

This simple wreath is a fun activity to do with your kids! It’s so simple and uses many items that you can purchase from the dollar store or craft store.

There is an assortment of eggs you can use. Try pastel, bright or just use one color eggs. So many options to suit your house and decor!

Let's Get Started!

You will definitely need a glue gun and lots of glue sticks for this craft. I recommend having an extra bag of glue sticks!

It seems I always need more glue than I realize.

We used a 12″ grapevine wreath but you can use whatever size you prefer. Just keep in mind if you use a larger wreath form that you will need to increase the amount of eggs.

We used 26 plastic Easter eggs for the 12″ size wreath. Make sure to fill in the gaps with lots of green crinkle shreds.

You can use regular Easter grass but I think the paper shreds hold up better and don’t shed as bad. You can use other colors but I love the green!

I find it really helpful to put down a piece of an old card board box or old tablecloth before doing this project. The grass can easily get scattered and this way I just fold it up and toss the cardboard.

Or if you have an old table cloth, it’s easy to pick up and dump the excess into the trash can. I actually have an old tablecloth I use just for my crafting.


1. Use hot glue to add a generous amount of glue to the egg and gently press it into the wreath form.

2. Continue to add plastic eggs until the entire form is covered. Once wreath is covered with eggs, double check to make sure they are all stuck well onto the form.

Gently tap each one and if one is loose, add additional hot glue.

3. In the vacant spaces on the wreath, add dollops of hot glue and press small handfuls of shredded paper into the glue. Don’t worry about making sure all of the paper sticks into the hot glue. It won’t!

4. Continue to add paper shreds until the entire form is covered. Gently comb through the paper with your fingers making sure to remove any loose pieces.

Add glue and paper to any spaces that you may have missed or that are lacking paper. Hang as desired on front door.

I hope you enjoyed this fun Easter Egg Wreath idea from One Crazy Mom! For more simple DIY projects to spruce up your space, visit us at

Happy Easter!

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  • Amy George