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                                                                    Chocolate Brown




    "The Giani Granite Paint is amazing!  

    It was so simple to do and the results are amazing!!  

   I have attached before and after pictures from my bathroom.  

   Now I am going to do my kitchen!!




Chocolate Brown





    "Here are a few pictures of my new countertops. 

   I really like the new look.  Now I need new appliances - lol. 

   Thank you for everything.
Kind regards,
Diana S.







Sicilian Sand with Lynn's own colors


   "I completed my countertop project a few days ago and my husband and I are completely thrilled with your product. 

  The result far exceeded our expectations and our kitchen has never looked better. 

   I added a few acrylic colors per your instructions and the resulting granite look is outstanding, rich, and realistic looking.

   Your product was so affordable and easy to use, but it does take time and willingness to follow the instructions to a "T".

   I would recommend this product to anyone looking to update their kitchen or bathroom on a budget...our satisfaction is 100%. 

   Enjoy the photos I attached showing the finished product. The old countertop was a light blue laminate, approximately 13 years old.  Love the new "granite"! 
Mrs. Lynn M.


    Sicilian Sand


    "I absolutely LOVE it!

   I have done a cultured marble vanity top and my kitchen. I couldn't be more pleased.

   I am an interior designer and have thought about offering it as one of my services. It is really easy to do and there are so many options in just one kit.

  My bathroom and kitchen were both done with the same kit and look completely different.

   Feel free to use me as a reference if you would like.

   I am attaching a few pics so you can see the results I have had with the kit. The last is a close up of my kitchen counter.

   Everyone thinks we had granite installed.  I can't tell you enough how impressed I am with this product!
Thanks so much,
Joi E.


                                                               Chocolate Brown


    "There was nothing wrong with my original counter top-it was just a little blah. 

   I applied the Chocolate Kit and it looks amazing. 

  The whole thing probably took me 2 hours total not including dry time. 

   I work at a hardware store in the paint department and told everyone there about it - even some customers.

   All my friends and family love it!

  • Excellent Price and Fast Shipping
  • Low Odor
  • Fast Application
  • Kit comes with practically every tool you need
  • Plenty of product left over for touch up or future projects
  • Website just emailed me to ask how I liked it

Mary H.


                                                                      Sicilian Sand



    "My wife wanted to redo our old white Formica countertops and came across your product while looking for ideas online. 

    She watched videos and checked reviews over and over until she talked herself and me into trying it.

   We purchased the Sicilian Sand.  That was 10 weeks ago and it just went through a weekend of Grandkids, it still looks great and so far we just love it.

   Family and friends can't believe all we did was paint, it was easy and is holding up like new.

   Although pictures don't do it justice, I will attach some for you to look at,
Thanks Scott S.



                                                                                                                   Emerald Green





    "I just wanted to say “Thank You” for creating such a wonderful product that is easy to use. 

  After posting my progress on facebook – friends were telling me that Lowes has a kit they sell for $300 and it’s MESSY!  Who wants that! 

  – they are so unique and I know nobody else has counters like this. 

   People have come to my house and can’t believe that it’s paint. 

   Thank you Giani Granite for making such a wonderful product and making it very affordable. 
Kelly H.


Chocolate Brown


   "Please share my congratulations to the innovators at Thomas Kitchen Art. 

   I hope that these images show just how beautiful the counters really are. 

  BTW I had a super bowl party yesterday... can I get a WHO DAT? And I believe that you guy's just picked up a few new customers... 

   Also it seems that I will be applying the Granite Paint for a few of my friends or at least teaching them how to do the process. 

   A few of my neighbors own rental property and each of them would like to freshen the properties without the expense and worry of putting granite into a rental...

   Great market for you I am sure that you have contacted all of the famous house flipping companies and large rental property companies concerning your products if not...

   I believe that you will do well with this market segment.

   My best to the entire team, 

Dale in Shreveport, LA





Sicilian Sand






   "The bathroom and kitchen turned out very nicely. I am enclosing a few pictures.

    Feel free to share or use the photo. Your product was so easy to use and as you can see provided excellent results in practically just an afternoon.

   Thanks for all of your help getting the product
to me.
   Heather D.   Coralville, IA








Bombay Black 
counter and backsplash







    "I am very pleased with how my countertops turned out.

   Here are a couple photos (ignore the mess).

    Next......refinishing the cabinets! Oh Boy! Got any ideas?
Julie P.   Broken Arrow, OK







Sicilian Sand

Sicilian Sand








   "The product is remarkable!

    Everyone who sees my counters is very impressed.

    I think I'll try a different color combo in a couple of years!

Bryan O.   Washington, NC


Bombay Black
without the included Bronze™ Mineral applied 





    "We love our Giani countertop!

    Our countertop went from mauve pink laminate (YUK!) to beautiful Giani Granite in just hours. I have included a picture for you to see.

    We did not care for the bronze color, so we only used the pearl and black.

    I will be recommending Giani Granite to anyone who will listen.

    Thank you for offering such a great product.
    Teri F.  Jenks, OK

   "Dear Teri, That's the beauty of GIANI - 
 YOU create the granite of your choice! Enjoy! ...




Sicilian Sand 
with more of the included White Limestone™ Mineral applied








    "Here are some pictures of the finished product. 

   I should have taken a before, but I didn't think about it. 

   The countertops were a white formica - very ugly!!
Cherie J.    Jefferson City, MO








Bombay Black 






   "All our friends think we got new granite counter tops and we are recommending your product.

   I will need more top coat, It would be great if you could send me some more.

    I was going to send you a picture, but my wife is cooking and the counter is cluttered. So, she won't let me take a picture now. Sorry.
Ken J. Birmingham, AL









Sicilian Sand 
with more of the included White Limestone Mineral™ applied




     "I recently used Giani granite countertop paint in my kitchen and am thrilled with the results! 

   I have blogged about it at -
            "Frugal Fine Living" -

   You are welcome to use my testimonial and photos for your website. 

   I also purchased the stainless steel appliance paint.  Once I use it, I will blog on it. 

   I have included a link to your website on my blog. I hope this brings you some additional business.

   Thanks for making a great product!
Jane M.  "Frugal Fine Living" blog



 Bombay Black
with less of the included Black Onyx™ Mineral applied



    "I am thrilled and have become the poster child for GIANI - hopefully, the pictures do it justice.

   I  plan to list these on HGTV's Rate My Space site.

     Who says you have to spend the supposed average $50,000 to redo a kitchen -

     Needless to say, I am thrilled!

     Feel free to contact me any time and use me as a referral, if you need one.
Ilene B   Torrington, CT             







Sicilan Sand
with more of the included White Limestone Mineral™ applied


    "I've just completed the kitchen countertops and they look great. 

     I've enclosed two photos so you can see the finished product.
Iris G   Fleming, FL




Bombay Black countertops and
Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel Range





    "Hi!  I wanted to share the before & after photo's of my kitchen, after using the Stainless Steel appliance paint & the granite paint for the counter tops.

    I think both look great & have had many compliments.

   I think your product is great! . . . 

   "Since my family and friends now think I'm an expert on using your products, they keep asking me different questions.

   The main question is this - can they use an acrylic paint to sponge on along with the minerals? Such as green? 

    I am beginning to feel like a Spokesperson for your product because I have showed my Before & After pictures to so many people.  

    Also, I've given your website out so many times I know it by heart. Thanks for any suggestions.
Mary C.  Kokomo, IN - Thanks again! 

 "Dear Mary, you are becoming a GIANI expert- your countertops look beautiful!!!  


Bombay Black
with less of the included Black Onyx™ Mineral applied


    Yes, you may bring other colors in from your decor by simply adding water based 100% acrylics to the GIANI™ process.  

   There's a standard procedure for this in our Instructions -

    All the more stunning colors possible for you from the world of GIANI™ Enjoy!

Sicilian Sand
on a one-piece cultured marble sink/vanity


 "I applied the Giani Granite kit on my master bath vanity this past weekend. 

    Thanks for the tip about priming the cultured marble first. 

   The whole experience is time consuming, but the end result is worth every minute. 

   All of my friends are amazed at the new look. 

   I am going to do the backsplash and side panel to my whirlpool next.  This product really transforms a room. 

   I already have two requests to apply Giani Granite at friends’ homes.

   "Here are a few before and after pictures of the project. 

   When I complete the whirlpool and the kitchen counters, I will send additional before and after pictures. 

   Thank you so much for all your help!

Michelle M.  Little Rock, AR

  "Beautiful job Michelle!

  And as a quick side note to my Giani friends, 

  You don't have to pre-prime cultured marble or one-piece bathroom vanities anymore,

   because the latest Giani Primer, which is included in your Kit, is a new bonding adhesive type of primer, which eliminates the need to pre-prime.  Enjoy!




Bombay Black


    "I worked on them this weekend, my last topcoat is now drying and it looks great.  I am really impressed. 

   I will send pics of my before and after. 

    What a great look, such an improvement, and so easy really (if you follow directions haha).
    Again, thanks for all your help, and quick responses to my cry for help. 

   Your company is awesome as is your Liquid Granite Countertop product!
Thanks again,
Cindy H.    Augusta,  ME
     PS, I have been referring you to my friends, and someone at work has sent the link to her
husband this morning. 

   I hope you get more business in my area from my word of mouth



Bombay Black



   "I absolutely love the way they turned out . And it was easy to do. 

    I took some before & after pics & would be happy to share them with you if you are interested.  

    Thanks so much 
Carolyn  M.  Glasford, IL


           Bombay Black countertops
      and Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel™ Range and Dishwasher


  "I have a friend who was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

   I would love to do her counters for her to make her feel good about something.

   She loved mine and right now just can’t put out the money for the product with all the medical bills she will be paying.

    Mary Jo S.  Indianapolis, IN

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

   She liked the Sicilian Sand.  You guys are great. 

   I will forward you a better picture of my kitchen minus the hardware on the cabinets and the drawers

  (haven’t gotten that done yet). 

    Thanks again.

  "Dear Mary,

  Thank you for your efforts and giving us the opportunity to get involved.  Enjoy!




Bombay Black
countertop and backsplash



    "I love my new countertops they were old ugly white stained, scratched  formicaand looked terrible with new cabinet re facing I had just done .

   It was easy and looks beautiful and I was skeptical because painting is not something I'm good at nor enjoy.

   I was very pleased with the entire project the directions were clear understandable and did not require a lot of prep work. 

   Thank you, thank you! 
Nancy G.   Phoenix, AZ



Bombay Black



 "My wife and I really like the Giani countertop.  It was way more fascinating than what we had expected. 

   I recommend only putting on two coats of the clear.  I tried putting on a third coat and in one spot it did get cloudy. 

   Everyone that had looked at the countertops thought we had new ones put in.  They were shocked when I had showed them the box of paint. 

    I have recommened your product to everyone that has come into my home.  Thank you for creating such a product that anyone can use.
    Thanks Again.
Chad W   Taylor, MI

P.S. Here are some pictures of the final product.


Bombay Black


   "I adore your product!!!! 

    I have attached photos of the counter top I did.  I have the other countertop to do yet and must order more...but I can assure you that I loved it. 
   Thank you so much for a fine product. I am showing it off and will most assuredly will be bringing business your way.
Pamela F   Carrollton, OH



Bombay Black



   "It has completely changed the look of my kitchen! 

   Now my Mom and a friend want me to do it for them! 
Ashley F   St. Louis, MO



     "You and I talked about my problem yesterday with the paint cracking and I want to thank
you for being so great. 

    I’ve told at least five people about the wonderful experience of talking to you yesterday and how my faith in morals was uplifted yesterday.  VERY few companies stand behind their products the way you did. 

    I appreciate the fact that you didn’t try to put the problem back on me, but took total responsibility and fixed the problem in way that was satisfactory.
    My only wish is that Nashville was closer to St. Louis and you could just come to the work for me!  LOL!

    "Thanks Again….and know that I will be recommending the product and your company in general!
Gretchen H.    Ashland City, TN

   "Dear Gretchen,

   Thank you for understanding the fast drying problem I had because of a new Mineral.  We fixed it and it won't happen again.  Enjoy your new countertops!


     " Loved the product. 

    My two teenage girls handled the entire project on their own and the result was beautiful! 

   They had a lot of fun doing it as well
   Thanks for all your help.

   "Just wanted to thank you for your help in completing my kitchen.

    I could hardly believe it when you called me back (on the weekend) within 20 minutes.

   I picked up the additional  Bombay Black and top coat from your plant and along with your added instructions, it turned out beautiful. 

   I hope it appears as beautiful as it looks in person.

    Thanks so much for your help, I love it, so does my husband since it saved him BIG Bucks! 
The only problem, I'll probably have to do this for my kids too!  Can't argue with success. 
Thanks again, Rosemary D.



  "I did use the Giani Granite Paint. The black base goes on very well, looks good by its self.. I do wish the video showed more in how the Bombay Black was done.

    I do like how my countertops turned out.  They look so much better.

    Very easy to do, anyone can do this.

    Very much worth the money.

    Thinking of trying the liquid stainless steel next.  Thank you for asking.
Jill S   Lake Wales, FL


  "I have had the opportunity to use both of the products and have been very pleased with both.  In fact, I have recommended them to more than one of my co-workers.

   I love my new countertops!
Nora R  Sully, IA


   "I think it looks great.  I tried it on my bathroom countertop, I wasn't confident enough to use it in my kitchen.
   My husband thought I bought a new countertop when he saw it.

  Some parts around and behind the sink aren't perfect, but overall I'm very pleased with it. 
Beth J   Barrington, IL



  "It turned out great!  Thanks




"I love my new countertops. I will use this product in the future and I am telling all of my friends and neighbors about the product.
 Melody T.   Covington, WA 



    “The counters look great,  We were on a tight budget but desperately wanted to update our kitchen, GIANI worked perfectly for us.
Chad H.    Austin, TX



    “The product was great and we are very happy with the our new countertop.  Thank you
Carmelo P.  Lincoln Park, NJ



    "I just finished up the mineral paints last night and am ready to put the top coat on.  I love it!  It makes a huge difference. 



    "LOVE THEM!!!!!!  Great product, I have recommended this product to several others



"I love it, I love it, I love it, that is how much I love my countertop, everyone that has seen it say the same thing.

    What a great product you have here, I would whole heartily recommend this product to everyone, they will not be disappointed, me and my daughter applied it together, what a easy and gratifying experience it was.

    I am now working on a new back splash, my kitchen looks like I had it remodeled. I will send you a picture when it is done.
Thank you
Margaret M.   Stamford, CT
Keep up the good work


“We absolutely love them.....

    I wanted our countertops to be a little darker but not so much black so I added a little bit of an acrylic art paint to it as well as some metallic copper to pick up the kitchen accents. 

    It looks fantastic.  I was going to return the order since my boyfriend and I both bought a set, but a friend like ours so much they bought it from us!  Thanks.



    “I am very pleased. My counter tops do look very close to granite. I would use it again and have recommended it to others. 

    I liked the fact that everything I needed was included in the kit, the price was reasonable, and it was very easy to apply following your directions. Thank you,  
Jo Ann



   "I've only had it for a few weeks but so far I love it.  It was simple to create. 

   I will be curious on how it holds up under everyday use for the long term, but for now it was a great decision.  Time will tell.
Lenis D.

   "Dear Lenis, that's a very understandable inquiry.  Our clear topcoat is a polyurethane that's also used to paint car bumbers - so expect a long life from your new countertops!  Enjoy!



   "I love the new "granite" countertops.....they're beautiful!!!   No complaints at all.....everyone that seen them, just loves them too....

  I started on them the same day UPS brought the kit, and finished yesterday.....the only thing I would change is the shine...they don't shine as much as I hoped, but I till love them!!! Thanks....



    "I LOVE it...  it was so easy to do and looks GREAT!!  All of my family and friends are impressed by the beauty of my "new" countertops!!   

   Several of my friends are going to get some to redo their counter tops too. Thanks For saving me a TON of money on new countertops  We LOVE it.


     "I am so happy with the countertops.

    I wish I had a better picture of before. I had a butcher block island and beige laminate countertops. I was looking for something like this and didn't think it existed.

    My friend works at Sherwin Williams and he said not to do it. but I did it anyway!!!!
    I have another friend that just purchased your product online. I am going to help her with her countertops
soon. I will make sure I have really good before and after pictures.
 Thank you!
Laurie O.   Zelienople, PA



    "My reply is WOW!!!!  Thank you so much for this wonderful product.  I am not an artist, not creative and my countertops look beautiful.  Economic way to completely revise the look of a room.
Dee Jones


   "We are very pleased with our new countertop. We've only done a small bathroom vanity and forgot to take a "before" photo.

   Our next project will be a large bathroom countertop and we will be sure to take the "before and after" photos to send to you.
 Thanks again,
 Laura M.    Apopka, FL


    "The counters came out awesome!!  I'm probably going to come off as sounding like a paid spokesman -- haha.  

   I had looked into a new laminate counter, but it would had to have been a special order because of the way my counters are laid out. 

   I looked into re-laminating and was just about to go that route when my mom told me about the paint kit (she heard about it on one of the morning programs). 

  I thought "Eh, for $50, what do I have to lose?"  While I was waiting for the kit to be shipped I used the time to prep my counters.

  I had an awful counter -- old laminate with wood grain pattern *yuck*  Not only that - I had to cut off part of the counter so I could rearrange my kitchen. 

   I had to take the part I cut off & butt it up against the counter in a different area of the kitchen.  I used wood putty to fill in any gaps & knicks on the counter. 

   I have to say that I'm not a "detail-oriented" person and don't have much patience and am the ultimate cob-jobber. 

    But, I followed the instructions that came with the paint kit (VERY easy) and it came out wonderful.  I have to give a shout out to my cats for staying off the counter.
   When I told people that I had painted it, they were very skeptical.  But when they came to
see it they were impressed. 
   It's been about a month and it has held up great. I have 2 kids and I've told them to be
gentle...but they've thrown silverware, screwdrivers, toys, etc on them and, so far...nonicks or scratches. 
    And one other thing....I LOVE the fact that you have control over how much color you paint
on.  I used a lot of the black, minimal white and bronze.  It is beautiful. 

   Thank you so much for creating a product that is not only looks wonderful, but is also inexpensive.
Michele L.  Port Orange, FL


    "I am so glad to hear from you and be able to let you know about our new countertops.
We actually used the Giani kit for our bathroom countertops.

   I have to tell you I did this particular job by myself, trying to give my husband a break from his "honey do" list, and I couldn't believe how easy it was.

   I simply followed the instructions, watched the dvd, and was on my way!

   I couldn't believe how easy it was to do and the results were AMAZING!

   My husband and I have thought about replacing the countertops time and time again, then I saw your product on tv and just knew I had to give it a try. I am so glad I did.

   Thank you so much for taking the time to ask for our feedback. We truly love our new countertops!!
 Lori M.     Sterling, CT


    "Thank you for the opportunity to tell you that I absolutely love my "new" countertop.  It
was fun, easy and looks awesome. 

   The only thing I can not report on at this time is the durability but certainly don't anticipate any issues.  I have already recommended this product to many people!!!
  Also, thank you for taking the time to provide great customer service, it's not something
that I expected and certainly not always the top priority for some companies.


     "I love my new countertops! It was very easy to do and did not take much time either.

  Matter of fact I made before pictures and after pictures and you would not believe the difference.

   I saw this product on the Early Show, called my husband to tell him about it, and got online and ordered it. I love the product.

    I ordered 2 kits because I didn't think 1 would be enough, but it was. Now my son wants the other kit to do his countertops. But, he wants me to do it.....we will see!

  Thank you for such a good product!!! If you want me to send you the pics I will.  Just let me know. Thanks again!!!
Bonnie T.    Cleveland, TN


   “I have finished my kitchen counter top re-do with the GIANI granite product.  I completed the project over the weekend due to the ease of the system.  

     It was unbelievable how well the black primer covered in the first step.  Then, I
became more excited with each color added.

     Now that it is all done, I find myself just standing back and admiring it.  The whole
process was easy, well explained and quick to accomplish. Can't wait to put things back on the counter and use them again.  

    Thanks for a great product.
Teresa S.   Palestine, IL



    "I am totally amazed by my new countertops!!  I also did my island and it looks like a huge slab of granite!

    It was so easy. My son and his wife are ordering to do theirs also after seeing mine. Great product and idea, just can’t say enough!
Kim V.   Nashville, NC



   "Attached are before and after photos of my kitchen sink area.  The pictures really don't do it justice. 

   The before was worse and the after looks so much better than the pictures.

   Thank you for all you help and patience.
Linda W.   Tallahassee, FL



    "I love this product! I used it in the bathroom and I have now re-ordered to make over the kitchen countertops. Thanks so much.
Tycee D.    Delta, CO


    "I love the way the counter top looks and like I said before I am glad I was home watching
the TV that morning!!
   My husband sanded the parts that bubbled up and then waited a day and applied the black
paint and waited the suggested time period and put our painting skills to work. 

  It bubbled(cracked) some more but the counter looks better than it did when we started the whole project.
  As a consumer I would like to say I am very impressed with the response I received from
you.  I never expected to hear anymore feedback from you and I appreciate it!! 

 It goes to show you do care about the customer.
Thank you,  Kelly M.   Nashua, NH



    "They look wonderful.   I showed some photos of my kitchen to two co- workers... and they will be buying the product.
    You should have advertized more in the New England area.  Would not have known except just
happened to catch the program on the tv news morning show in New york.
   Photo samples on web do not do the product justice.
    Maura  M.   Seabrook, NH

"Dear Maura, I agree!  Enjoy!



   "I thank you for getting my granite kit sent right out. I did our bathroom vanities and they turned out really nice!

    And now I decided that I want to try the stainless steel kitand do my stove.

 Thank you,
Vicky M.    Waukesha, WI

P.S. My Parents loved my countertops and they are going to order a kit and do theirs now too!


    "Here are some pictures of the two sink areas I have used your product on. 

   On the bathroom sink I added a red accent color and on the kitchen sink I added a green.  Both are quite striking to look at.


Krista C.   Coarsegold, CA



    "Thanks for asking and I love the counter tops so far.  I have only finished the main bath counter top and plan to do the kitchen this week. 

   The product is extremely easy to work with and has a nice texture to it. 

   Thanks for bringing this to those of us that like to do home projects at an affordable price.

Wendy W.    Spokane, WA



    "I just did my bathroom countertop with Giani and I love it! I did that before my kitchen in case I messed it up, but it came out great! Kitchen is next.  Thanks for a great product. 

Laurelee W.   Thousand Palms, CA



   "They are really beautiful.

    The only problem I had was I ran out of the topcoat and it took 10 days to receieve a second can. 

   It would have been helpful to get a tracking number on both orders- and maybe you should use a different shipper. 10 days is a really long time to wait when you need sealer.

   Cheryl J.   Kennewick, WA

   "Dear Cheryl,

    We apologize for the temporary delay we experienced in late August because of the overwhelming response from an endorsement on the CBS "Early Show.

    We've improved our production and that won't happen again.  Enjoy your new countertops!



    “Love the results. It's everything I hoped it would be. Thank you. Kathy F.   Steele,  ND



    "I have finished the project and am happy with the results. 

   It is darker than I envisioned...more black showing, but that may be, because I had more area than desired for the lighted shade. 

    I think I will stay with what I have though and thus far it is working just fine......  Phillip W.   Houston, TX  


    "Just a word back to you, “ INCREDIBLE”.

    I finished a smaller counter top last night and your product just blew me away, it is beautiful.  Have a few other projects in mind for the future.  Thanks
Kathern S.
 PS: It was so easy to use.



   “I cant say enough for your customer relations. When this is done I will write you a glowing testimonial.

   Yes, I am a perfectionist and I turn the simplest thing in to a BIG production. So a testimonial is a first for me!

   I am very pleased with your products and service. Thanks ever so much!  Sandy G.



    "I loved the product and it is super easy.  I just finished my bathroom and I am currently working on the kitchen!  About to go paint now!
Traci V.    Burnet, TX



    "I love my new countertops. I had been searching for months to find ones that I liked and
could afford.

    Everywhere I went, it was going to cost a thousand dollars or more to have new ones installed. I saw your product demonstated on the Early Show.

    The process was easy and I loved being able to customize the colors to match my decor. Thank you for making such a great product.
Jeanne V.   Pinson, AL




   "I love the product. I have only used it on my counter in the laundry room because I wanted to make sure I really could do it. I will be doing the kitchen soon though.

   It is a great product and the most valuable thing is the black paper you enclose to experiment with. That is SO important to do.

   I did not have the guts to try it on the kitchen first but seeing how easy it is to do and I get some dedicated 
free time my kitchen is next.  

    Thank you, Saundra K.   Tomball, TX



    "I absolutely LOVE them! We had been planning a large-scale kitchen remodel, but those plans were sidelined when the economy tanked.

   Then I saw your product demonstrated on the Early Show and decided a mini kitchen makeover was within reach.

   I followed the directions and everything worked exactly as it was advertised.

   The Bombay Black looked so dramatic that I was inspired to paint the walls and change some of the accessories, too.

    Now we have gorgeous countertops and a kitchen I'm actually proud to show off! Thank you for creating a product that makes the elegant look of granite achievable on any budget.
   I do have a question about heat sensitivity. Is it safe to use a crock pot on the Giani
countertop, or to put a cup of coffee on the countertop without a coaster?

   Thank you again for a fantastic product and such responsive customer service.
Sandy O.   Pittsburgh, PA


   "I love them!!!!! The process was very easy and the outcome was fantastic!

    Everyone that has come to see them has also loved them; so far my sister and my mother in-law have also done their countertops…
Thank you



    "I love my new countertops!! Everyone that sees them says they are going to order the paint kit. Thanks so much for putting it on CBS news!
Wanda A.




    "I love my countertops have been showing my family and friends they think I got a new one!!!!  They cant believe that it was a kit.

   Thanks soooo much.  Made me love my kitchen again!!!!    

Jo H.    Sidney, OH



    "I enjoyed painting my mother’s countertop and we are both pleased with the end result. I would recommend your product to others.

    I also painted a wood shelf and placed it on top of small kitchen cabinet in place of a countertop.

   The wood piece had a smoother finish compared to the laminate countertop, which has a more textured finish.

Renee D.    Hamilton, OH




    "I will practice practice, practice.  Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. 

That means so much.  So many businesses have lost the "customer service" aspect of business and are focused on their bottom line only. 

    If only they realized that your bottom line increases with positive customer interaction.  

   I will keep you apprised of my adventure...... 

Rosemary C.    Tomball, TX




    "I LOVE them!  I was going to write a review on your website, since there wasn’t a review specifically doing the stainless steel on countertops. 

   I was looking for a solution for right now, and this was certainly the right choice.  I’m happy to send along pictures, it really turned out great!
Noelle C.     St. Paul, MN




    "I am so impressed with this product, I have told all my friends and family (that do not
have granite) about it.  It was just as easy as the video says. 

    It looks beautiful and I am confident in using it without worrry.  I had enough left to do the 36" bar between my kitchen and family room. 

    What a great product.  Kudo's to you!
Pat C.    Mobile, AL




My sister ordered your product and used my email address.  I can say for her that she loves it and it has changed her kitchen to look absolutely beautiful. 

Thanks   Sharon E.




    "I abolustely love my new countertops! Easy, quick . . . my kind of home project!
Renee M.




   "Hello, and thank you for the follow up. And yes I love my countertop!  I had a  outdated countertop and now I do believe I updated my countertop 40 years! 

Tammy H.   Springfield, SD




   "The GIANI countertop system works great. They totally changed the look of our kitchen. My wife and I love them!

Thomas C.     Chicago, IL




    "Yes we did use Giani in the guest bathroom and do love the look.  Julie J.     Lakehills, TX




    "I absolutely LOVE your product!! You saved me mega-$$$. I can now use the money saved on other home improvements.

    Am looking forward to trying your stainless steel application for appliances in the near future.
 thanx...Barb J.    Avon, NY




    "They are fabulous!  My friends were so amazed that I did it myself!  

    I actually had enough paint to finish two bathroom countertops and they turned out completely different yet equally beautiful!

   I would recommend Giani to anyone that wants an update to a worn-out or outdated
 Thanks for this amazing product! 

Teri H.    Macon, GA



   "The application went very well, it looks great & now time will tell if it wears & holds up well!   Deborah O.



   "I was skeptical about the product, but soon found that it is everything it is hyped up to be.

  GIANI was easier to use than I expected, unfortunately for me I selected the wrong color to work with my cabinets.

   The positive is that I only used it on a small piece of laminate that sat on a side cabinet and am now carrying it in my car to show people that it really works wonders! 

   Thanks for taking time to follow up.
Jean J.



    "I do like the product and the counter top. It was an inexpensive fix. I liked the black primer so much that we didn't go any farther except for the sealer. 

    Tammy W.     Fairfield, OH




    "So far, I was very impressed and applied the material to my patio formica bar.
 Cynthia Z.    Parkland, FL



    "Thanks for following up.  I've only got one section of my countertop done so far but I like the way it turned out!
 Sherri O.    Missoula, MT



    "I love, love, love my new countertops!

   I am not a creative person but using your products I have created a masterpiece.

     The instructions were perfect and the final outcome is fabulous.

    I have recommend Giani to friends and two of them have recently purchased and are anxiously
awaiting for their Giani to arrive.

    This has been such a fun experience for me and I am so grateful to have found you.
Thank you for a wonderful product.



    "I am really pleased with my new counter tops.

   The paint was really easy to apply & the outcome is beautiful.  I am so glad I found your product & will recommend it to all my friends who can't afford the real granite. 

   Mary B.    Huntsville, AL




   "I love it!!!! I have people that also want to do it to there countertops! So easy I can't believe it! thanks so much Julie



    "I love them and think they are fantastic. Amazing  

   Paula W.



   "So far so good, my island bar is really pretty, some think I have a new counter top.

   "You should be getting more orders, several people  got your web site from me.
Thank you for being interested
Linda S.    Bloomingdale, GA



   "Thank you... how refreshing that a company actually cares about customer service..

   I am very happy with the product.  We have completed our kitchen and bathrooms.  It is a wonderful product. 

     Thank you
Mryma M.




    "Hi!  I actually did them the day I got the product, and I love them!  Made a world of difference and easy enough for even me to use!

   However, I wished that I got the black instead, I still love them but is it possible  to do it over with the black if the top coat is already on?? 

   I've already recommended it to several people they couldnt believe it! 
    Thanks so much
     Lisa P.    Spring Hill, TN

  "Dear Lisa,

   Yes, you may start over  - GIANI is very forgiving! 



 "After seeing how beautiful your product can make my counter tops, I decided to redo the entire kitchen. 

    I purchased Cabinet Coat paint for the cabinets and plank vinyl wood for my floor...AFTER the cabinets are painted I will be doing the counter tops THEN the floor. 

   I will surely let you know when I have completed my project.

   I had to TSP, rinse, let dry, and prime my cabinets and so far I am at the finished primer stage.  I also had to soak, scrub, sand and paint all my hardware. 

   I am using Rustoleum black.  I have also ordered new drawers and drawer fronts, and replaced one cabinet doorfront. 

    I have been busy, but have not reached nirvana yet. 

   I WILL forward you a before and after picture once it is completed.

   Remember I STARTED this renovation because of YOUR product.  (not BLAMING you...THANKING you!) 

Kathy W.   Detroit, MI



    "I am very pleased with the finished counter top. It exceeded my expectations. It gives my kitchen a whole new look.

    I have been showing it off to family members.

    All who have seen it are also pleased with the end results.
Great doing business with you.
Linda S.   Conway, AR



    "They turned out fabulous!! My countertops were in great shape to begin with but I wanted the look of granite and I wanted black.

    I do faux painting and I think this product is great!!



  "It's awesome!.  No one could tell it was paint.  I absolutely love the product and can't wait to do my other two bathrooms. 

   I was especially surprised at how much it covered.  I did one bathroom and have plenty for the other two. 

  Plus I used it on my window sill and it looks awesome too!  It was very easy to use and recommend it highly. 

I give it a 10!  

Gloria E.    Orange Park, FL




    "It was very easy to work with, instructions easy to understand, I completed all my countertops in one week end.

    And I have a lot of counter space, that's why I ordered two sets.

   I am very pleased with the out come, they look great and my family and friends can't believe the transformation in my kitchen.

   I took pictures before and after, and brought them into work, I think some of my co-workers will be ordering it also.

   I have to bring them your web address tomorrow. Thank you again. Doris



     "I am so amazed at it.  When we put it on all of our family thought it was new and asked when we got it and why we didn't tell them. 

    When we told them what we had done they didn't believe us.  I want to do our bathroom also.  It was easy and fun to do. 

    Thank you for making a great product and making it easy to apply.
Thank you so much.
Kim T.   Mosinee, WI



    "We very much like the new look of the countertops.  The process was easy.  Now we are waiting to see how durable the paint is over time.  So far, so good.
Margaret B.



     "I love them !!!  I had my mothers  birthday party at my house and they couldn't believe I actually did them!

     I am very proud of them and with my stainless appliances they changed my whole kitchen. I am so glad I bought the kit.

   I have been thinking about ordering more to do the vanities in my bathrooms! thanks for asking me about them.

   I really love them!     

Leigh Ann F.   Horn Lake, MS



   "Just wanted to let you know I did my countertops and I LOVE THEM!

  I need to finish some around the backsplash and where I got a little black on the wall next to the countertops, but other than that, it was a very simple procedure!

  Your instructions and DVD were right on and honestly, I couldn't have been more pleased. Plus, I even had some left over, so I may do the top of a wooden table I have to co-ordinate with the counters!

   I did a different pattern on the top closest to my sink, so it's a different style than therest, but ofcourse, I'll just tell my friends it came from a different cut of granite! (HA! )

  I am probably sending quiet a few other folks your way, have sent my pictures around and I
was the "guinea pig" on this, and I have also offered to do my friends tops for them.

   You will hear from me in the future also when I do my bathrooms!

    I also told a realtor, as she had an interest, but many folks just have never heard of this

    Too bad you can't get this out to the public better. I happen to catch it one morning when I called in sick to work on the "Morning Show" or something simular.

   Thanks so much and if you ever need someone to distribute this for you, give me a hollar!
Great product, so glad I took a chance....
 Ellen M.     Sumner, MI



   "It turned out great. 

    My only concern is that the black primer bled through the painters tape and got on to the wall behind. 

   I ensured that I pressed it down tightly, but the thinmixture must have seeped underneath.  Otherwise, great product and I have been recommending it to others.
Thanks.  Kelly D.    Essex Junction, VT




  "Your product is great... ease of application and the finished look make this quite a deal!! I  recommend Giani to everyone. Jeff R.   Estacada, OR




    "Hi, we love the countertops! What a transformation it made in our kitchen. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for such a great product.  Cindy W.    Sault Sainte Marie, MI




   "I did a bathroom countertop.  Everyone likes it. If/when I do another one I'll do it better.  I got too much color on some parts.




   "I was delayed getting started by some much needed vacation time.

   I have my 3rd step on now and i think they are going to be beautiful! Jut what my tired outdated kitchen needed.

    I mailed your unused paint back in the middle of last week i think.   

    Again, thanks ever so much!





    I needed a double order to cover all my counter top.  I ran low on white to get the tone I wanted, but it turned out just fine anyway.
Have a good day!
Tom T.   Baton Rouge, LA


    "I must say I was leary at first to try this, but my countertops looked so bad to start with that I figured I had nothing to lose.

   It was a lot of work but I love the results. It came out shades darker than I wanted because I didn't use enough gold and white but I still likehow it looks.

   I've been careful not to place hot pans, dishes, etc. on the surface and use only a mild cleanser, but so far I love it. Friends can't believe I did this myself or that

   I had the nerve to do it at all. This product saved me at least $1,200 - what I would have paid for low-end, new laminate countertops.

  I'm hoping the results will last quite awhile but if it doesn't, I'm only out of $49.00.

Thank you for this great product. 

Ann L.   Schenectady, NY



    “My wife loves it....was easy to apply and gives our kitchen that finished look. Thank you for coming up with great products.  Bob B.




     "They were previously white formica and looked dated to a previous decade.  Now, they look 100% better and more current. 

   The product was easy to use and produced results that look like granite.
 Paul B.     Grapevine, TX



   "I wanted to say that I was really impressed and overjoyed with your product. Our home was built in 1966 and has colored sinks which was the rage at that time.

  The Gianniproduct worked just great as a cover over. I am well pleased. Thank You

Richard J.   Orange City, OR



     “It's gonna take a bit of practice, but even our fist attempt came out presentable. I think it's a great process and we thank you for it.

   The countertops look GREAT. Several of my friends and family have made very good commets about them. 

   I made a couple of boo-boos, but corrected them with no problems. I hope theyare as durable as you say. Thanks alot! William



    "I actually used the product on a MDF counterop I made for our laundry room- it worked
great.  I've attached an image. 

   I don't have them fully installed here- but it is in the location that it will be.  In the pic it is sitting on top of the current countertop. 

    Everyone who has seen it has been very complimentary and my sister-in-law is considering
doing the process on her kitchen counter tops after seeing our finished product.
Thanks again!  Very happy! 

Brent C.  Rochester, MN


    "I really like my new countertops, they look so different. 

    Everyone that has come over, so far, really likes them.  Your product is fabulous.  Again,

Thank you.   Carole




    "I think it was a wonderful investment. My husband and I can not believe we did it. All of our family and friends are impressed and really like our counter tops.

    Thanks GIANI for making such a nice and affordable project.
Calandra M.    Mesquite, TX




    "So far I am really happy with them.  I completed the 2nd top coat on Sunday morning so I
have not had them all that long. 

   I did three different rooms, two bathrooms, and a complete kitchen. 

   Over all, I like the look of the two bathrooms better than the kitchen, but that is because I over thought how I was applying the colors and didn’t want as much black to show thru. 

   I will let you know what the approval rating is when my partner comes home on the 30th.  She is the one that will have the final say as to how it looks. 

   It is a surprise, so I hope that all the work that went into it was not in vane.
I will also send pictures of the finished product.
Thank you for your follow-up,
Deb W.   Oregon City, OR



   "I'm 100% a happy customer.

   It isn't difficult to use, it takes longer to prep and tape than to actually apply the paint. It does take time to cure, but that's the worse that anyone can say about it. It looks great.

   If you ever need a rep in New England, let me know. You only have two dealers in my area. One in Pelham, NH, and one in South Boston, neither is convenient.

    I went to NH to buy it, which is about 30 miles away, and he didn't have anything in stock or information.
 Great product.
 Peter M.     Salem, MA

  "Dear Peter,

   We're slowly converting the paint and hardware stores in America to countertop makeovers - one at a time! 



    "They turned out great! Easy to apply and they turned out beautiful.

   Thank you for a wonderful product.
   James H.   Siloam Springs, AR



    "It was as advertised. Fairly easy to paint on. The DVD instructions were a huge help, and by following those guidelines, it went well.

   The countertop is in our guest bathroom and makes the room look more modern.

   A good product.
Linda S.


   "We love them!   It was a lot of fun to do the countertops also.  I believe some of our
friends will be ordering from you soon.





     "The GIANI countertop paint was very easy to apply.

     We put the primer on friday night in about an hour, painted sat morning and then put a top coat on that night, then the another one on Sunday night.

    We are very pleased with the way that our countertops look. We used the black kit, our countertop use to be right out of the 70's white with some gold interlace in it. Now it looks great.

    We have been waiting to use it fully until the two weeks that itsaid for the top coat to fully harden. If it holds up to everyday use as well as it looks we will be completly satisfied.

   We have already recommended it to other people we work with that were interested in how it worked.
   Thank you for such a great product for updating our kitchen on a budget.
Joe W.   Maryville, KS



    "I think they're great, I will be buying more products from you,  and Ive been telling everybody, about your product, and showing them pictures,,,  Thanks





    "It was a great product, and when the counter top in the kitchen turned out so nice, we decided to do the bathrooms to.  Great product once again, and I will recommend it too.

   Everyone that I now that wants to redo there counter tops with out replacing them completely.

Adam B.    Denmark, WI



   "I have attached before and after pictures for you.  I am very pleased with the results and have been telling all my friends about Giani!  

  Everyone who has seen the new countertops LOVES them.  The instructional video and written instructions were very clear and easy to follow.  

  This is a fabulous and inexpensive way to update old counters.   I plan to order another kit soon and update the counter in my bathroom.
Thank you!
Cindy D.   Glendale, AZ


     "I love the way my counters look.  All my friends could not believe I didn't get new countertops.

   A few of my friends are going to order the kit to do their countertops.  I also plan on ordering another kit.
  Arlene K.    Jefferson, OH



    "Love the look!  We did both bathrooms first to see how we liked it.  We plan on ordering more and doing the kitchen also in the near future!  Enclosed is a picture of one bathroom.

   Not quite sure on the color for the kitchen is the holdup.  Thanks for the follow up.



   "We painted my mom's kitchen counters and she loved them. Her kitchen looks 100% better.

   Love this product. Several of my friends want my husband to re-do their kitchen & bath counter tops.  

Tonya W.



    "Still working on it but love it already, thanks.
Mary H -   McDonald, PA



    "Thank you so much for your quick reply. And thank you, too, for making such a fabulous
product available!

   I absolutely LOVE the way my countertops look, and I am having a large family function in a couple of weeks. I can’t WAIT to hear their comments!

   Best regards,
Cindy L.   Milford, CT


   "My countertops look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM NOW, and that is not easy to say, as

   I have hated them for 22 years!!! I went from 1975 to 2009 in one day, it was easy and great!
 Thanks for checking-
Kerry E.



     "I am shocked at how good it looks so far!!!!  I can tell you I never thought it would work like your video and web site describe. 

    We just did the counter top in our laundry room to start just in case we didnt like it, but my wife loves it and cannot wait to do our kitchen. 

   I ordered more product today and your customer service said I should have the order Tuesday.  We really need asap so if you could follow up that would be great. 

   I will try to forward you pictures soon.
 Tom Olson     Mentor, OH




   "I love the product and have just finished my counter tops.

   They are beautiful and I have gotten so many compliments on them. Thanks for coming up with the idea. Brenda A.



   "I love them!  It was easy, not messy at all and the only hard part is bending over to reach the middle of the counter. 

  I'll attach a photo, I have a friend asking about doing it for her kitchen too and I have passed on the info.  It saved me a couple thousand in replacement costs! 

   The old counters were horrible, 25 years old and now they look brand new!

Linda B.     Glendale, AZ


    "I am very pleased with the outcome of my new faux pas bathroom countertops. 

   The process was not as easy as the video and instructions directed but the end result was very satisfactory. 

  I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an inexpensive way to change the look of their countertops.  Thank you.                                                                                        

Barbara O.




   "The kit was extremely easy to use and cost efficient, the counters look great!



   "Very satisfied with Giani countertop paint kit.  Still have a little cleaning up to do where paint leaked under tape. I've enclosed a before and after pic.  I'm telling every one I know about them. Dennis A.




   "I am very pleased with the countertop and may order more in the future.

   It has given me some ideas for new projects.
Thanks again.
Peggy E.




  "We love them.  It was easy to do and we get many compliments.
Shelley A.




   "I love my countertop!  I did my bathroom first for practice and it is beautiful.  My kitchen counters are next. 

  I happened to see the demo on the Today Show, otherwise I never would have known about it.  Thank you!
 Laurie W.


  "I love them!! It brightens up my kitchen.  It is amazing paint could make such a
 Susan M.    Summerville, SC




   "I am very happy with it.  It saved me a fortune on a new counter and yet it looks authentic.  Laura L.


   "Product was great!! Easy to use and turned out very nice.
Thanks, Louie M.




      "I love the ease of application and the water cleanup. Can’t wait to see how durable it is to everyday use. So far, I am extremely pleased.
Kevin G.    Towanda, KS


    "Actually I used it at a friends house....only wish I had known about it before I put in my
Corian counter tops. It turned out beautifully! Everyone is so impressed! 

   I think we are going to do my nieces counter top next!  Thanks for the followup!!  I give you an A++!!
 Colleen M.     Delphi, IN